The Prettier Life –  in other words, it’s always about the prettier things in life, or so we’d like to think. Personally,  I like to think that there is beauty in everything, and everyone. I also like to think that I am a glass-half-full type of person, with an enthusiastic personality, with a constant positive vibe. Truth is, I’m human, and like everyone and everything, we sometimes have our flaws. it’s just the reality of life.

So, I have created this “Prettier Life Lifestyle”, I’d like to try to stick to. Prettier everything! From motherhood, fashion, to fitness, beauty to health, and everything else in between – we see it how we want to see it,  let’s make it all just that much prettier.

💕 | Wife + Mama 

Two of my favourite and most important roles in life. I am so thankful and feel so blessed for my little family!

My world!

👩🏻‍💻 | Writer

Writing and reading are two of my passions – when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. Same goes for reading. Journals, books, magazines; generally anything to do with words + stories intrigues me!

🥑 | Vegan-ish + Dairy Free

In my early twenties, I made a strong willed decision to become dairy free. Mainly because of how I felt after consuming dairy products. At first, this came as a shock to some; family dinners and outings became a bit more difficult and uncomfortable. BUT here we are today and a VERY large majority of the population is now leaning towards dairy free products! This journey with food hasn’t been an easy one – but I wouldn’t change anything. 

I consider myself: VEGAN-ISH because, based on the dairy free life I LOVE vegan and plant-based products. I am guilty of loving bacon and meats though, so hence the importance of the “ish”.

🌿 | Health + Happiness

Being healthy and happy are my two main goals in life – and that’s how I proceed through this adventure. The two go hand in hand for me; and these words have so much more meaning to them than just “health” or “happiness”. I think I’ll have to write a book about this one day because I have so much to say to defend this topic. 

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