Since becoming a mom, I’ve been looking at ways to make my everyday tasks just a little bit more easier. This goes for things such as using Alexa for many things in the house, using the dishwasher regularly instead of washing dishes, and re-wearing the same outfits because well – outfit planning requires some time and thought and I don’t always have that these days.

One MAJOR thing which I have done lately, which has made my life, as well as my husbands, a little bit easier, was started wearing NO-TIE SHOELACES. Yes, you heard me correctly. Something so simple, something I probably never would have considered to be a time saver, has literally helped us make things a bit simpler {and quicker}.

So, let me tell you all about these wonderful laces that we’ve been using.

This adventure all started with Xpand Laces reached out to me, to ask if I wanted to try out their laces. As this was something I was interested in, I agreed and went on to picking out colours of laces. Yes, colours – this company has over 20 colours of laces to choose from so your laces can literally compliment any shoe! Check out the photo below with the colour selection of the Classic No-Tie Laces!

Photo Credit: Direct from the XPAND website – HERE

I opened the package as soon as it arrived, as I really had to see what all the excitement was about. Inside the package, I found two elastic laces, 4 lace anchors, and 4 end clips. Okay, HOW SIMPLE!

The first pair of shoes that received the royal treatment with this laces were my husbands sneakers. Honestly, because he is a major “pull on/step out” of your shoes type of guy – this was the right solution for his sneakers, for my sanity, and essentially for him! Have a look at the photo below with the before and after of my husbands sneakers – see the difference! Not only does he now have a colour that compliments the shoes, he never has to tie his laces again.

From there, I moved on to my converse sneakers, for which I picked out a pink pair [surprise, surprise]. Within minutes the laces were on, the shoes looked refreshed, and I can now slip on and slip off my shoes so easily. I was hooked, and this continued until I had a couple more pairs of shoes laced.

It’s an obvious choice and I’m so grateful to have connected with this company, as this is truly the best solution for laces – and not just for busy parents, or “I don’t need to tie my laces” husbands. I think this is the solution for ALL – from the toddlers to grown adults!

It’s simple really, and there are honestly three reasons I will give you to tell you why I think these laces are the best:

They are very easy to install
The package comes with two laces, four lace anchors and four end clips. From home, you’ll just need a pair of scissors to cut off the excess lace once you’ve out them on and adjusted them. Nothing more is needed to install these on your shoes.

They are comfy to wear
The laces are quality, they stretch as you wear them so your foot doesn’t feel cramped or stiff. The laces are stretchy enough to slip your foot in easily, and then they snap back into their original size so you can wear your shoes without worrying they’ll slip off!

They are an affordable solution for your favourite shoes
Price points are an important factor for many us, especially on these daily necessities as we can always scout out “better” prices and compare various items. Well, these laces make the cut if you ask me, as they really are a great price for the value of product you receive. The current pricing is $9.99 each, OR you can pick up 6 pairs for $35! [ you can also go crazy and get a pair for everyone in the family and get 8 for $45! ]

So, all in all, these laces were a huge winner for my family and I, and I have definitely recommend them further to others. If you don’t think these types of laces are “your thing” maybe give them a try just in case. I wasn’t sure before I looked into this more, and now I think that slip-on and no-tie systems are the absolute best solution!

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