As usual, time flew by, and I find myself in September! How did that happen? How do my days just FLY by! Some days it honestly feels like I get nothing done and am on some replay – wake up; feed/change baby; down coffee; and then play/feed/sleep until the end of the day.

It hit me a few weeks ago that I need to manage this “constant” in my life somehow so I don’t feel like I’m just walking in circles each day and not being productive! Yes, you may argue that I’m actually super productive because I’m taking care of this cute little human, but I still feel like I need some type of management check in system for myself for things other than baby world.

So, I packed up baby, and drove to one of my favourite stores- INDIGO – for some much needed inspiration and, well, pure joy! I was on the hunt for the perfect Agenda (or notebook) to track my daily progress. So this may seem a bit silly, because I pick up an Agenda each year, but this year just felt like it might be different as I am on Mat leave. I figured I wouldn’t really use an agenda to the extent that I did in previous years. WELL BOY WAS I WRONG!

Fast forward two weeks (yes, it took me that long to figure out which one I wanted, plus I had to wait for the annual Agenda deal!); I am now WITH the perfect Agenda and it’s smooth sailing going forward. Correction: I have two Agendas.

AGENDA #1: This is my main *paper* squeeze. As I mentioned, I needed something to help me keep up with my days so they wouldn’t feel like a constant replay; I basically need to keep myself in check. I am too much of an organized person to not have lists and notes – so why not keep it all in one convenient pretty spot.

The Agenda I picked out for this is a larger one than I’d normally go for; but since I am mostly at home this makes sense for me. I needed something with enough space to write daily *activities*; a monthly overview that had enough space in each square to make a few notes; and of course, a notes section.

This beautiful Rifle Paper Co. Agenda checked off all my boxes, so I couldn’t resist!

AGENDA #2: This Agenda is a whole new level for me, as it’s a strictly business agenda for me. Things have been picking up speed for me in my “passion job” and I’ve found that again, I need a place to put all these dates, notes, projects, and ideas together. This Agenda is also a large format, with a great layout specifically for projects (in my opinion).

The left page contains the weekly overview which just enough space for notes, and the right side has a notes, to- do, reminders, and goal of the week section. Literally, all the most important points to stay up to date and functioning in this busy busy world. This super fun Eccolo Agenda also has a month at a glance section with lots of space for notes, as well as a separate notes section at the back of the book.

Thinking back on this experience makes me laugh really – what was I even thinking that would be able to use my digital calendars to keep everything organized. I’m such a paper person and LOVE a hard copy so much that I think I was born in the wrong decade! Within two/three weeks I went from having only a digital calendar, to having TWO hard copy Agendas! Seriously, who was I trying to fool?

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