Each year I welcome you with open arms because AUTUMN is my absolute favourite season! I am so ready for sweatpants + hoodies, pumpkin spiced everything + golden orange scenery! Before jumping into all things FALL, let’s take a look back at the summer. This summer was different for a few reasons! For starters, this was our first summer as a family of THREE; with our baby girl. Secondly, hello coronavirus – you’re still here?


Over the last few months we reached a lot of new milestones with our daughter. First, we started eating solids – this was/is such an exciting thing for us, because we love seeing her interested in trying new flavours; seeing what she likes and doesn’t like; and just the overall aspect of her being able to experience more than just formula and oatmeal its a huge deal for us. Today, we have given her *almost* everything to try; which includes eggs, cheese, and various veggies and fruits. Her all time favourite at this moment is a carrot + mango + apple + banana smoothie. Go figure – Mama LOVES those flavours. For dinner, Turkey + potatoes are a huge hit as well. (Again, #1 Turkey fan right here).

Around sometime in June, Baby Z started feeling the urge to stand up – with our help she had to stand e v e r y w h e r e. This includes the car trunk, her stroller, the garden, the kitchen table, you name it, she had to be there. Although her legs seemed strong to stand, she was not doing any crawling. This worried us a bit, as I figured by this age, she should at least start shimmying around a bit? But this girl only wanted to stand, and take her first steps (with our support – again). THEN, one day in late August I placed her in her little play corner in our living room, and walked off to the kitchen to grab a coffee (my life support these days). I turned around about a minute later and she was on all fours. OMG I thought – THIS IS IT! Just like that, our little froggy started crawling. Without our support or help, she just did it. Now I totally understand the concept of “children know how to do things, and they are able to teach themselves”. This has actually proven itself in many different aspects already. Today, our little monkey is ON THE MOVE all the time! Thank god for a bungalow home!

The next big thing that’s occurred recently is TEETHING! Those cute little teeth are popping up, or out I should say, and they’re coming in fast. The first two that came in were her two bottom ones. Currently, we are working on FOUR top ones. These four coming in now have actually caused much more chaos, as we have been dealing with fever + soreness because of them. But, the good news is, that they seem to be coming in quite quickly so hopefully we’ll be all clear soon.

And, not to mention the BABBLING – I think she will be a talker like dad. Once she gets going, she does not stop! It’s amazing to see her going on and on about something; murmuring, humming, or just talking. It’s so incredible how she is starting to understand us when we say something to her, and she attempts to respond. I LOVE IT. We can’t wait till she starts speaking in a real language and we can have a full on conversation with her. Ah, melts my heart.


On March 12 my husband found out that his office would be closing, and they are moving all operations to the home office. A.K.A. this house, his home. At first, this was both exciting and shocking. Something new to get used to – this new reality. We thought, hey, how wonderful. He will be working from home, no more commute, all meetings will be done virtually or over the phone, this will be convenient – especially given the situation of the pandemic and having a baby at home. Mainly, I was worried that his exposure to others (generally the potential of catching the virus) would affect either of us or our daughter. Since its just us here, the thought of either one of us getting sick scared me to my bones. Anyways, all was well for the first little while, but then it became more and more difficult for him to focus on work during the day – with our cute little monkey playing in the next room all he wanted was to be a part of our fun.

We worked through that by moving his office into an even further room in the house; and I also tried to stay in the left wing where her bedroom is, trying to minimize the potential of him hearing us. This worked.

Then the issues of technology not working as well as expected; the power going out a few times because of summer storms, and the general difficulty of planning virtual meetings with individuals who maybe were not as comfortable working online.

We are now what, six months in to this working from home aesthetic, and although it has become easier since we know what to expect, it’s still something we are getting used to and adjust each day. Overall though, we can’t complain. So maybe working hours aren’t 9-5 anymore, but things are getting done. We are all in this, and the resources are available to make it all work.


Well, this has been a topic of interest. First off, being a new mom I did not know what to expect at each new stage. I always figured I’d be taking Baby Z to mommy and me classes, we’d spend time strolling around the city and catching up with other parents; NONE of this happened because of the virus. In a way, I’m not sure how I feel about it; one part of me is disappointed that we couldn’t experience this, but the other part of me, I technically don’t know what I missed not having this, so it doesn’t really feel like a loss? If that makes sense.

In the last month though, we have become more comfortable stepping out, and I’d say I go pretty much everywhere with her now – with the exception of these mommy and me classes/groups, which to be honest, I’m still not comfortable with.

Looking ahead though, this situation puts a halt to my return to work plans; which originally fell to December. Again, looking at this from a different perspective, glass half full, this now gives me more time with my daughter. Yes, I would love to get back into the groove of working; but it is what it is, and technically, I never stopped working. Being a MOM and doing THIS is just as much a job for me. Perhaps even a bigger job than my 9-5 career was, as I have so much more passion and motivation for this.

So, that’s that. Moving ahead…

We are ready for Autumn. Not just for the beautiful fall vibes, but for all the new milestones, changes, challenges+solutions, and career prospects that may come our way.

Overall, I think that by December, trying to sum up 2020 will be quite interesting. At this point, I am already pondering how to approach THAT post.

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