HELLO BELLO #ProductReview

Since becoming a MAMA to my sweet little girl, I have become obsessed with all things baby – like that is a surprise!? I love all researching + finding new baby products I can use for my daughter; such as body care, diapering, clothing, and the list goes on.

BABY DIAPERS – One of the things I get most excited about these days!

Ever since I learned about and started using the brand Hello Bello I have become the biggest Hello Bello fan! To be honest at first I was a bit hesitant with ordering diapers from them; the mentality was basically – how much better can they be from regular baby products? Also, do I need to spend that much on diapers? Let me give you the details here…

So once I decided I liked what this brand stood for and created, I decided I would give the Diaper Bundle a try. Each of these Diaper Bundles comes with 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of baby wipes, and the option to purchase other products from their collection with a discount of 15% off!

The first Diaper Bundle arrived within 48 hours of my ordering it – WOW! I was so excited to open the pretty yellow box that arrived on my doorstep! This brand really knows how to excite and bring joy to their customers!

The unboxing of this first bundle made me so happy and excited that I actually made a IGTV Video of it to show you all the details of what was inside! {there’s also a discount code on your first bundle}! Basically, as the brand states, #GoodbyeBadStuff !!


First things first, THE DIAPERS! These are thee softest and cutest diapers I have ever put on my daughter. The brand markets its diapers as being totally plant based, free from lotions, fragrances, phthalates and latex. These are all things that, to be honest, I didn’t even think about before – but now are pretty important, seeing as babies wear diapers 24/7! Now that we have used these diapers for a few months, I can confirm that they are totally leak proof, super soft, and do not cause any irritation to the skin.

Now the fun part! With each diaper bundle, you can pick out different diaper designs. New designs are added each season, and sometimes for different occasions limited editions are also released!


Ah wipes, the next most important thing we use for our babes after diapers! As a new mom, when I first heard “water based wipes” I wasn’t really sure what the difference was. Now, after using different type of wipes, I know what I want in my wipes. I want HELLO BELLO WIPES! In my opinion, these wipes are not only healthier and safer for my baby’s bum, but they are also gentler on me! The wipes are fragrance free, 99% water based, have aloe and chamomile extract, AND premium quality cloth that is durable! I also love that I can use these for anything – from hands, to face, and of course BUM!

Since that first bundle we have been using our Hello Bello products religiously!

Every next bundle I get, I add in something new; the most recent bundle came with the Diaper Rash cream which was just recently introduced in Canada! I also picked up some more shampoo + body wash products, lotions, and the hair detangler {this is for Mama for now}.

Everyone in the family uses these products now!

Not only do they smell delicious, they are all made with ingredients I can understand -such as “organic jojoba seed oil and a blend of organic botanical extracts”. In general, I have always been intrigued with plant based products, and have tried to implement them into my family’s daily routine so this is a great start.


I feel comfortable and satisfied using Hello Bello products! I can confidently say that I know what I am putting on my daughters delicate baby skin or in her bath. I know that these diapers will be gentle and soothing on her bum; especially because she wears a diaper all day long! I know that the wipes are made from quality cloth and are water based, which will eliminate rashes/burns.

Yes, maybe the diaper bundle is a bit more expensive than other diaper brands offer, but with knowing the facts of the ingredients I feel okay with purchasing these for my daughter. Also, once you take into account the wipes and extras you can get with the bundle, plus a “discount code” it’s pretty much almost the same price!

I should also mention, that with this subscription, you receive an email right before your next bundle ships, which gives you an opportunity to customize your bundle by changing diaper prints, sizes, and extras you want. This was something that was important to me when making my purchase.

Nonetheless, I want to say I LOVE this brand!

“***Now, I always want to stay honest here, so I want to tell you that we do not solely use Hello Bello diapers + products. That would be misleading when I talk about all these other brands we use {Pampers, Mustela, Aveeno, Live Clean, etc}. We mix it up, every day; depending on the days events. For example, when baby Z has an eczema flare up we switch over the Live Clean body wash and Mustela Stelatopia body lotion. This doesn’t mean that the Hello Bello products aren’t good for babies with eczema (I’m not in a position to state that), I’m just being honest in what works for us at this point.”

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