It’s hard to explain – these last six months have gone by both quickly, but also very slowly. Either way you look at it, they have been the most magical six months we could have ever imagined we’d experience. Let me tell you about months four, five, and six with Baby Zuzannah!

Hello My Four Month Old!

Everyone told us that once you reach that 4 month mark, things change – baby changes. Baby is no longer such a baby anymore. This in fact proved itself correctly – our little Zuzannah started showing her character, becoming even more interested in things we were doing or eating, and she started grooooooowing!

Right at four months we started solids – rice cereal and oatmeal. Since we gave her formula for sensitive tummies, we decided it was only right to start on a lighter solid. We searched for cereals that were dairy free, and ones we could add either water or formula to. I figured this would I give me the option of making her meal more filling or not. We purchased a few different types and tried them out one at a time. In the end, there was really just one cereal that checked all our boxes and that made our daughter happy – Baby Gourmet! As she was just four months old, we started with the Tasty Smooth Oatmeal. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind eating this! She absolutely loved it!

Another big thing that happened during this month was the four month sleep regression. Early in the month, everything was going well and I was sure the regression wouldn’t hit us – until it DID! HARD! I’m pretty sure we went for an entire 3 weeks of basically waking up every 1-2 hours at night to soothe her, put her pacifier back in, and in general just get her back to sleep. Oh, and all of a sudden we were back to many feedings at night! BUT we got through it; I must add though, our little girl isn’t really a fan of sleep in general – she would rather be playing!

Hello My Five Month Old

Somewhere between month four and month five Zuzannah began understanding that she could sit on her own (even if for a second – she realized it was possible). She grabbed at our hands and tried to pull herself up at every chance she got. This became such a fun + entertaining game for all three of us.

We continued with trying solids; mostly the cereals and jarred foods such as carrots, pears, and apples. We also let her try a fresh banana, baked potato, and avocado. Generally speaking, she seemed like she was really interested in what we were eating. She even opened her mouth when we brought food closer to it only seemed natural that she was ready to start trying these things. You should see her eyes when I drink coffee or eat cereal in front of her!

At 5 months, we went in to see our paediatrician for Zuzannah’s four month check up and shots. Yes, this should have been done at the 4 month mark, but due to the pandemic, our doctor told us to hold off a few weeks. All went well with the vaccinations, as they were just a second dosage of her 2 months shots. I’m already scared for the next set which will be a whole new collection of shots. Our little Zuzannah was very god though, and only screamed at the top of her lungs for a few minutes. At home it was like nothing ever happened! #ThatsMyGirl #ProudMama


I can’t believe she is almost one – I mean, we are halfway there. Every single day we see huge improvements in her development, and we catch her learning and seeing new things. She now has to be sitting at the dinner table with us, and basically expects that we will give her something to eat from our plates. She reaches out and tries to grab our plate and fork each time – most recently, she has managed to successfully grab a piece of steak, a pickle, and a piece of bread.

We are so excited for her to start trying more foods now – as many baby foods say “from month 6” and now we are there, I feel comfortable offering these things to her. She loves eating with a spoon and sometimes we have trouble feeding her from her bottles during the day. She now says “ammm-ammm” instead of the traditional “eyo-eyo” when she wants to eat. It’s absolutely the CUTEST thing ever.

I’ve turned into one of those moms that is obsessed with their child and can’t stop staring at her all day long. I am just so amazed at everything she does because she is learning so many new things. I can see her thinking, analyzing what she’s seeing, and sometimes she even tries to say something – mouthing something and then blabbering in her own little language, which is mostly just sounds right now. For example, we have a Gun singing elephant. Whenever I turn it on and say, “Okay Zuzia, let’s sing” she starts making sounds to the song, as the same time as I sing the words. I don’t know, I’m finding all of this very fascinating and loving every moment of it – but hey, isn’t that a part of motherhood?

Well, I cannot believe that we have a six month old already – where has the time gone! I’m enjoying all of this, and truly feel so blessed + happy to be on this journey.

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