About a year ago we decided we were *ready* to become parents; or at least that it was something we were both finally ready to start thinking about more seriously. I’m saying it this way, because you should know that since Day 1 we were both of the “corporate mindset” and all we thrived for was growing our careers, travelling the world, and {mostly in my case} splurging on designer items. We always thought we would settle in a cozy condo in the heart of a big city; work at multinational corporate giants, travel the world, and be completely satisfied with our lifestyle.

I’m not quite sure what changed and how it changed, but a few years ago I felt the need to stop chasing these big city dreams; I learned a few things about these giants that deterred my interest in participation. The working 10-hour day lifestyle no longer appealed to me, unless I was working for myself, building my own brand and business. I slowly started changing my mentality and visions of the future I wanted.

My husband on the other hand, was having the time of his life with the company he was with, growing and developing each year into a new more advanced role – he knew exactly where he was headed, and was already aiming for his “retirement position”. My change of mentality didn’t interfere with his drive, it actually strengthened it.

We sat down one evening and really dug deep into what it was that we were looking for in our future careers, in comparison to where we were currently headed. I’m pretty sure we actually found the answer that night. It was sitting infront of us for some time now, and all we had to realize was; “what is holding us back”. Once that question was answered {which was a pretty obvious “nothing”} we went into action.

This change, and finally being able to let go of the “this is what you should do” mentality really set us free; in so many ways. Free to fly at our own pace, free to find our true selves; and free to grow in a different, more suitable for us, direction. I feel like this change gave us both a new mindset, a different perceptive, and allowed us to realize that what we thought we wanted, wasn’t really it anymore. We were both so caught up in driving towards that main goal that we forgot to go back and evaluate its validity in present time.

Moving to a new city gave us clarity, energy, and time. All to find ourselves once more.

So, going back to the beginning of this article, only a year ago did we finally find that “sweet spot” of what it really is that we want in life. Actually, it’s a complete opposite of what we wanted originally. We are now determined to live outside of the city, build a house on a large spacious lot, and we no longer chase those “corporate dreams”. The travel and wanderlust will never leave us though, and there are still so many places we want to travel to – but that’s all in due time. The focus now is to live, the life we want.

It’s been a year since we made this change, and I haven’t stopped smiling about it since. This has truly been the most refreshing and positive experience that could have happened to us. It’s incredible that it took us this long to realize it, but I guess that’s part of the adventure. Everything happens for a reason.

Remember, it’s never too late to reevaluate your goals, make changes, big or small, and find your true self and happiness. We owe ourselves that; don’t we?

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