new MONTH + new CITY + new BAG

This months BAG OF THE MONTH comes from a brand that I personally have not invested in for quite some time; nothing against the brand,  it’s just that nothing specifically caught my eye there.

Last weekend, when my mom was here visiting we skipped over to the outlets (which are conveniently located about 5 minutes driving time away from my home – coincident? I think not!). We did our usual round through Saks, Coach, etc, and came across Michael Kors. Before I even walked in I saw the big sale signs;  that was a strong strategy of pulling me into the store as well, along with my mom who LOVES the brand and never misses a chance to visit their stores.

As they say; when you know, you know. Well I knew right away when I saw this bag that it was perfect and I needed it. It’s funny because it was placed on a shelf by the back wall, meaning I had to pass three table displays (and a handful of customers) to get to it.  But I knew. Once I got to it and picked it up to examine it, my face lit up – my eyes and intuition never fools me. The bag was perfect! The leather immaculate; grainy and firm, the hardware; silver and delicate, and to top it off; it had two handles and a long strap – PERFECT.

Once my mom noticed that she lost me to the back wall of the store she rushed over to see th gem I found. Of course, she fell in love with it just as quickly as I did. There was no other option left, I was getting these bags for us. We both decided on the color we wanted immediately and made the purchase.

So, I am now the proud owner of the navy blue with silver hardware Mercer and my mom the pastel pink with gold hardware Mercer bags!

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