[Yes, that’s me in that picture above – back when I had blonde hair!]

For three years followed My Theory of making a designer purchse: I saved, researched, and tried on Chanel bags endlessly.

Finally, the time came, and on a trip to London UK for Christmas and New Years Eve in 2014/2015. When purchasing our return tickets back to Toronto, we ensured we were flying out of Heathrow, and at a time when the Chanel boutique would be open. Prior to leaving my sister-in-laws house, I called to ensure that the Chanel bag was available in the store.

Upon arrival at the airport, we checked in, said our goodbyes, and walked through the gates to duty free heaven. Right away, we were greeted by a customer service associate who asked us if we needed any airport information, etc. Gleaming with excitement, I quickly explained our purpose, she smiled and picked up her phone to call her colleague, Nina, who would drive us over to the other terminal where Chanel was. Nina picked us up in no time, and we were rushing through halls and terminals, and before I knew it, we were parked outside of Chanel. Nina waited outside the boutique as we picked up my first ever dream Chanel bag! When the time came to pay for my Chanel bag, neither my husband or I fainted or cringed at the sum, because we knew that, that money was already put aside for this purpose, and as soon as we got home, the saved funds would be transferred to the Visa and we wouldn’t even feel a thing. Satisfied and ecstatic with a new excitement and terror of what I had just done, we hopped back on and Nina took up back to our terminal.

ED365B3C-F216-46FD-A4DD-FEFB88E0C957I can honestly say that I will never forget the amount of information I learned about the brand and its products, and the emotions that I felt when I finally purchased the bag and knew it was mine. I realize that I could just go into the store and buy a designer bag, put it on my credit card, and slowly pay it off with time, but this manner, for me anyways, makes it so much more personal and special. Especially considering the price of this item, I wouldn’t feel right if I just walked in and picked one up and bought it. I’m the type of person that needs to know what I’m investing in before I put out my hard earned money.

I will always and forever remember January 9, 2015 as the day when I purchased my very first designer handbag; one that I worked hard for and researched to its limits.

Next up on the Deisigner Diary Series: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS

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