Although it was snowing and minus 2 degrees celsius when these photos were taken, all I could think about was how great perfect these accessories will be for spring/summer. Linking back to my T H E O R Y on LESS=MORE in your closet, I put my focus on the accessories and handbags in my outfits. I think maybe accessories might be too big of a subject, so let me just clarify before we begin that by accessories I really just mean handbags, scarves, and glasses. I guess I could add watches to that as well.  Accessories simply combines all these “extras” into one neat category for me.


My outfit follows all of my basic rules, as outlined before in my S P R I N G  U N I F O R M post; black jeans, a grey light knit sweater top, and black boots. Nothing more and nothing less, and it all comes together smoothly. By being able to spend less time putting together my outfit, I can put more focus on my accessories. Of course, I don’t stray far from simplicity in this category either, I find that a pretty scarf, and/or a bag really levels up a simple set nicely.

I’ll start from the top; the S U N G L A S S E S. Well, let’s start of by saying that I will have to do a D E S I G N E R  D I A R Y  S E R I E S  post on these because they are most definitely one of those designer items I have used my buying theory on – and finally landed them! I will admit right now, that I definitely did not pay full price for them; and basically was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Good things happen to good people, I guess.  Nevertheless, I’m obsessed and in love with these glasses and have been for a few years now; I’m still in shock that I actually own a pair now.


Next up; B A C K P A C K. As many people worldwide, I have fallen in love with the backpack trend. There are SO many different backpack options out there, from expensive designer (yes, the immaculate LV Palm Springs is still on my radar), to affordable designer brands, such as Coach, Kate Spade, etc. Although I thought I’d hold out until I got my hands on the LV backpack, I came across this gem at Coach last weekend. I have been eyeing the mini Coach backpacks for some time now, but wasn’t too fond of the straps (I was set on having leather straps). Well, once I was shown this one, and learnt of all of the different ways it can be worn, I was sold. My husband didn’t even have to ask me twice; he just told the SA to bring out a new one and that we’d be taking it. I am actually so in love with and can’t wait to be able to wear it more!


I am more than ever ready for spring and summer this year; this winter has been playing some serious games with us and I think we’re all ready for warmer and sunnier days around here…

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