Travelling and exploring new destinations is one of the most exciting and most positive aspects of my life that I can share with my husband. There’s something so cultivating about being in a different city, or part of the world, learning something new, and just in general, being able to feel that thrill of the adventure.

We try to travel as much as possible without jeopardizing our careers and finances – luckily, now there are many great travel sites which you can use to find better deals for your travels; including flights, hotel accommodations, etc.



Back in November, we found one of these great deals, and decided it was a good time to go on a mini road trip, to visit two places I have been wanting to visit for some time now: New Orleans, Louisiana, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Since the total drive time would be 18 hours, we decided we would conquer the trip in two days; the first day, we would drive 13 hours to Birmingham, Alabama, and the second, we would drive the rest of the way down to New Orleans. Our 13 hour drive consisted of a snow storm for the first 4 hours, and then of a rainstorm for the next 5 hours. Although the drive wasn’t the easiest, nothing could ruin our moods, because we were on vacation!


Birmingham, Alabama

We chose this as our stop randomly, just by looking at the map and determining the best “halfway stop”; needless to say we weren’t expecting too much. To our surprise, it Birmingham is a cute little city; the part we were in anyways, and we enjoyed our few hours there; especially the Whole Foods store (which I am a huge fan of).



New Orleans, Louisiana

We arrived in New Orleans around 3pm and right away we were in love. Everything seemed so European and practically film like; the alleyways and streets literally looked like they were out of a movie! We spent the next few days touring the city, experiencing local cuisine, and just enjoying what the local vibes had to offer. The weather, unfortunately wasn’t too great, as we were in our winter jackets the entire time, but, seeing as it was December and a wet-cold front had just passed through the area, we weren’t really expecting to be wearing summer clothes anyways.



Next Up: Part Two of this Trip; Nashville, Tennessee!


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