Some may say that journaling is a type of therapy; I think I agree with that. Reflecting on your day, your thoughts, etc, is a healthy method of clearing your mind of the thousands of thoughts that cross it each day. Not only does it helps us write out our thoughts, it also helps us keep track of them – unfortunately we cannot remember everything that we think of, and I for one, often have great ideas and just need a place to write them down before I forget them.

Of course, some days I have lots of thoughts to write down, and other days, nothing – but that doesn’t mean I don’t carry a journal with me at all times, just in case a thought comes to my mind.

So, not only is the journal good for reflecting on your positive thoughts, but it also allows us to write things down, that sometimes we want to say, but after thinking it over, we realize we shouldn’t. So, not only does it help you pull on your thoughts, but it also can save you from breaking the “think it, speak it, never write it” rule, as you are only writing it in your own journal.

There are T H O U S A N D S of journals; from lined to dotted pages, and patterns beyond our imagination, so how do we pick the right one? Honestly, I only have two main criteria when choosing my journals:

Paper Quality

It is so important for me, that the paper is thick and fairly sturdy. I often use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and Stabilo pens, so with the thicker paper, I know the ink won’t bleed through.

Exterior Design

As you know, I love all things floral and pink, so I usually tend to buy journals with that design.It’s important to buy something that will make you smile when you look at it, and make you want to write in of course. Also, you should make sure that you will be comfortable writing in it, so open it up and pretend you are writing something to see if your hand is comfortable.

A few more tips I can give you when buying a journal:

  • Don’t buy anything larger than 150 sheets – it’s good to switch it up after a while
  • Don’t buy the same journal twice – there are so many different options, try something new each time
  • Keep in mind if you prefer a coiled or binded book – I personally prefer a binded book, it feels more like a journal than a notebook used for school or work
  • If you are thinking of buying one online, make sure you are familiar with the refund policy in case you aren’t happy with it

Throughout the post you can find a few photos of some journals I purchased from Indigo. The brands are: Studio Oh!, Ecojot, Russell & Hazel, and Peter Pauper Press. I took my own advice and purchased a few I liked online and will pick out my favourites (which is always the hardest part becasue I love them all!).

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